Diesel Technology

  • Type of Degree: Certificate
  • Location: Randolph Center Campus
  • Credit Requirements: 29

The certificate program allows students to begin a successful career in the heavy-duty diesel service industry, which is experiencing faster than average employment growth currently. Graduates who pursue a career in diesel service perform inspections, and repair or overhaul any type of diesel engine, often found in buses, trucks and farming equipment. Skills gained in the diesel certificate can also be applied to the mechanical needs of an agriculture business that uses large-scale farming machinery.

Diesel engine repair and maintenance is becoming more complex as more electronic systems are used to control equipment function. Students in the Diesel Certificate program will perform hands-on activities using technology and learn critical thinking to help them enter the workforce with necessary skills, as well as the ability to grow and adapt as technology continues to evolve.

Students who graduate from the certificate program can transition seamlessly into the associate degree, should they chose to advance their education. Federal approval for student financial aid is currently under review.

This certificate program allows the student to begin a successful career in the heavy-duty diesel service industry without taking additional math, science, English, and general education courses.

Upon completion of the certificate program, the student can achieve an associate degree in diesel technology with one additional year of study.

The student pursuing the certificate should be cautioned that most upscale original equipment manufacturer’s dealerships (Milton CAT, NORTRAX, etc.) require a minimum of an associate degree before they will hire graduates.

  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

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Percent Job and Advanced Education Placement Rate in Diesel Technology

Vermont Tech Diesel Technology student outcomes are strong. The class of 2016 had a 100% job and advanced placement rate within six months of graduation. Many students have internships while they’re in college that lead to full-time employment after graduation.


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